A newly established business has a lot of challenges in the start-up phase. They need to establish their presence in the market and build a reputable brand. The new business owner has to wear many hats, from the general worker to the MD. The last thing a business can afford is to hamper its growth due to compliance issue. 

Think of it as getting a Boeing in the air. At first, it takes a lot of effort to get the plane into the air but once up it can be a smooth flight to your destination. The last thing the pilot needs is to be grounded due to some I’s or T’s that was not crossed on the way to the runway. 

This package is custom built to assist the entrepreneur to get their business on the runway and to cruising altitude without any setbacks. It is designed to ensure that the business is  compliant in all respects.

  From R 1 250.00 p/m
  Newly registered companies with no trading history will benefit from this package.
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